Refund Policy

The company has highlighted its Refund Policy here in a very clear manner. By acquiring our services, the client agrees to follow this policy strictly.

The company acknowledges that it will attempt to complete the work in accordance with client’s guidelines. If the work is not as per the requirements, then the company will issue a refund. However, since the company provides free revisions, the company will initially work on fixing the work according to client’s feedback. If the company fails to fulfill the guidelines after a few revision cycles, then a refund will be issued.

Under the circumstances that are beyond the company’s control, if the company doesn’t successfully assign a writer to work on your paper, then the company will take immediate steps to refund the money. Even though it’s unlikely that something like this will happen, but if it does, then the client will get the money back.

Minor mistakes or delay in delivery will not constitute an argument for refund. It will be up to the company to determine how to resolve a particular matter.

If the client accidentally charges the credit card more than once then the company will refund the extra amount.

The client agrees to communicate with the company in case a problem occurs. Involvement of intermediary will be permitted only if the company doesn’t follow the terms and conditions mentioned on this website.